Side Channel Blower / Permanent Runner with Silencer Housing / Water Separator

Due to a special silencer housing the side channel blower works extremely quiet (55 dba), this means the low-pressure generator can be placed in the studio.

The rotation speed of the low-pressure generator can be adjusted continuously by means of a potentiometer at the control unit of the low-pressure table.

An obligatory water separator with active charcoal filter offers clean and safe working environment.

Mains supply: three-phase-current: 3 P / N / PE, 16 A

Technical Data:

Capacity: 3,5 KW / 3×400 V / 50 Hz
Air pressure: 230 m/bar
Air capacity: 375 m³/h
Mains supply: 16A, three-phase-current
Electr. speed control in separate housing


Measurements: 1100 x 800 x 600 mm
Weight: 100 kg

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