Illuminated low pressure table 180/120

The BELO illuminated low-pressure table has been designed for the conservation of paper.

Complete with base and lockable castors, infinitely variable illumination for working in transmitted light, low-pressure generator, continuously variable speed control for a low-pressure generator for fine tuning of low pressure, a control unit with additional sockets for other uses.
The low-pressure table can be amended with acrylic dome and the corresponding accessories at any time. All fixtures have already been prepared. The perforated plastic surface can also be exchanged for a perforated stainless steel plate.


Outer dimensions 1800 x 1200 mm
Illuminated working surface 1730 x 1130 cm
Low-pressure generator without



Possible accessories:
– electromechanical height adjustment
– acrylic dome, optionally with arm holes
– ultrasonic humidifier, optionally with electronic control
– air filter
– perforated stainless steel plate
– low-pressure generator with active charcoal filter
– LED illumination instead of  halogen lamps


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