Work tables

Our work tables are custom-built. Our system offers a large variety of using possibilities such as side table or combinations. A special connecting system enables the temporary building of a large table out of smaller ones.

Our work tables are fitted with lockable castors but fixed solutions are also possible.

The work tables can be fitted with an electromechanical height adjustment on demand. Moreover, the tables can be equipped with an inclination. A combination of the work table and easel is also possible.

Different materials are available as worktops (glass, marble, plastic bond). Our serial plastic bond worktop has proven itself because it is very sturdy, scratch-proof and water resistant. Moreover, it is resistant against the usual solvents.

The table legs are individually height adjustable, on wheels with additional locking feet. Electromechanical height adjustment with lifting power total 1.000 kg with even force distribution. Optionally, a normal worktop (moisture and solvent-resistant solid plastic plate), a glass plate or granite plate is placed on site.

Heavy duty glass table with four separately height adjustable feet.

A short documentation about Stuppacher Madonna (BELO table in action: from minute 3)

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