Ultrasonic welding device

The BELO ultrasonic welding device is suitable for welding of two polyester sheets together up to a total thickness of 0,5mm, in order to archive and store documents and graphics made of paper. It is recognized as the most reliable and efficient method to achieve superior encapsulation. Ultrasonic welding has proved more popular than using heat for welding because of the advantages it offers in the range of encapsulation of documents. it is recognized as the most durable and safest form of welding due to its superior quality.
A 35 kHz generator provides the energy neeeded, which is then transmitted to a sonotrode (chisel) in the form of high frequency vibrations. When the vibrating sonotrode is placed on the polyester sheets this energy is transformed into friction and the sheets are fused together. The energy is only transmitted where there is direct contact with the sonotrode. Fusing therefore only occures in this area and produces a very strong and exact weld.

By this method spot welds or fully welded seams can be produced wherever desired and to whatever length desired.
The envelopes resulting from these two sheets can be used according to the type of weld produced: from complete seal to a minimal, air-permeable join.

The characteristics of the welded seam can be adapted to individual needs by adjusting the pressure, operational speed and choice of amplitude.
The durability of the welded seam can be adjusted from minimal join, which is easily reopened, to a complete weld.

The welding head is moved automatically across the polyester sheets by a motor-driven linear unit. A very even weld is guaranteed. The “free-hand” function, i. e. use of the foot switch leaves both hands free to manually move the polyester sheets in any direction under the sonotrode. A curved weld is thus easily achieved.

  • Electronic housing with:

Ultrasonic generator 35 kHz 400 Watt HF-output

Switch for continuous/discontinuous welding


Discontinuous welding
Weld and weld intervals can be varied. Thus it is possible to produce discontinuous welds as requried.

Automatic operation with two functions:
Automatic I:     A short press of the button and the sonotrode is lowered and automatically welds as far as the second stop and is then raised.

Automatic II:    Same as Automatic I, but the sonotrode after welding returns to its starting position.

  • Control unit for the linear unit/power supply and for foot switch
    • Connection for a hand control unit/foot switch

Hand control with the functions:
• Right/left movement
• lowering of the welding head
• Welding to the right / to the left
• Spot welding

Foot swith with the function:
• This allows a manually controlled weld

The welding head is mounted on a rail with two adjustable stops. These enable a chosen welded seam length to be repeated exactly. The length of the welded seam corresponds to the distance between the stops. The welding head starts at the first stop and proceeds to the second stop where the welding procedure automatically stops.

Type 900               Type 1200
Max. linear movement:                                       890 mm                1190 mm
Table size:                                                   1200 x 900 mm        1500 x 900 mm

  • Base of aluminium profile system with four lockable castors and a holder for the electronic housing
  • Magnetic rubber mats can be used to keep the polyester sheets flat and in position.
work surface 1200 x 900 mm
total size 1300 x 1200 mm
height 950 mm

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