High pressure table

high-pressure table integrated into a work table with electromechanical height adjustment.

Partial work table for local treatment of objects on paper.

The table is designed for the use of a special vacuum pump producing very high pressure in order to be able to execute special treatments which need extreme high pressure.

The working surface consists of a glass plate  (Ø120 mm), which rests on a stainless steel plate. This enables the removal of the glass plate or the replacement by another plate.

The pump can be turned on and off by a foot switch belonging to the table. Pressure is regulated by means of a valve at the working place.

Standard fittings include an integrated water separator and an additional active charcoal filter.
The vacuum pump is placed in a special soundproof housing in order to obtain the lowest possible noise. The pump is equipped with a waste air filter, additionally.

The complete low-pressure table and all indicated accessories are integrated in a working table. Measurements of the working surface are produced custom built. An electromechanic height adjustment of the working place can be integrated optionally.
The working table has 4 lockable castors, working height is according to customers’ indications.

Technical Data::

Air capacity: 20 m³/h
Air pressure: 2 mbar
Motor capacity: 0,75 kW
Mains supply: 240 V  –  1 phase

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