Wash tray

Wash trays are custom built.

There are different varieties:

– made of different materials (plastic / stainless steel)

– with/without down grade

– drainage by means of row of holes at one side

– electromechanic inclination/height adjustment


Drainage is equipped with a ball valve.

Base of aluminium profile system with lockable castors.

A normal working plate can also be applied to the base.

Plastic wash tub with height and tilt adjustment

Washing tub with screen frame for hanging

Washbasin made of stainless steel with hydraulic tilt adjustment

Washbasin made of stainless steel with height adjustment and integrated tilt adjustment.

The inclination is freely adjustable by means of the undercarriage in two directions.

Washing tub with mobile bridge table and shelves under the tub

Wash tubs Two-way combination with height and tilt adjustment.

With height and tilt adjustment and a row of holes for uniform drainage (for example, rinsing).

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