Partial low pressure table 180/120 complete

The BELO partial low-pressure table has been designed especially for the conservation of textiles.  This special construction enables the partial treatment of the object by conventional methods without having to partially cover the object or to move it on the surface.
Therefore an accurate, individual treatment of several areas on the object is possible. Low pressure is only applied locally. Suctioning is limited to the area above the partial low-pressure funnel which is mounted on rails beneath the worktop.
The complete surface of the worktop consists of a perforated sandwich construction.  This construction is very sturdy, self-supporting and solvent resistant. The partial low-pressure funnel, with a suctioning area of 300 xx 300 mm can be positioned along the rails the length and the width of the table and every area of the worktop can be individually suctioned. This enables a limited working surface with an optimal suctioning in this area.
The worktop lies loosely on the base of aluminium system profile with lockable castors.

The possibility of conversion to a large low-pressure table::
The worktop can be placed in a special device in order to treat the whole surface of an object or to dry an object. Suctioning is then effected over the whole area of the worktop. This device is available as an optional extra at any time.
By removing the lower construction and the work plate this device can also be used as a wash tray with a maximum floodable depth of 40 mm. Water discharge with a stop tap is placed in a corner at the bottom of the tray.
The stand itself consists of aluminium profile system with lockable castors. Various work pads allow the individual adaptation of the work plate to the actual requirements.

The   partial low-pressure table complete is offered in the following standard size:

Outer dimensions:  1800 x 1200 mm
Other sizes available according to customer’s specifications.

partial low-pressure table for the conservation of textiles
Standard version with base, low-pressure generator and pre-separator not included
• The base of aluminium profile system (anodized) with 4 lockable castors, height according to customer’s requirements.

Possible accessories:
• Low pressure generator
According to requirements various suction units can be used. Our offer consists of:
– industrial suction units
– side channel blowers
– low pressure ventilators

electromechanic height adjustment
base inclinable
acrylic dome
arm holes
ultrasonic humidifier
electronic humidity control
PE sinter plate
air filter
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