Illuminated book suction device

Book suction device with the illuminated working surface.
With 2 cold light lamps and illuminated PE sinter plate working surface.

The BELO book suction device has been developed especially for the conservation of books and other bound objects. The most important advantage of the BELO book wedge is the possibility to treat individual pages of a book without having to open the binding. The low-pressure table designed in form of a wedge can simply be sandwiched into the bound object for the treatment of individual pages.

The rest surface of the book is inclined (adjustable), so that the actual page to be treated lies horizontal on the work surface of the pressure table. A support reduces the opening angle of the object and lessens the pressure on the spine of the book. A leaf holder made of acrylic glass prevents the other pages from closing and serves as protection.

An adjustable swivel arm enables the wedge to be positioned as needed. The BELO book wedge can be moved and inclined. Height adjustment is by means of a crank. Adjustment is simple. Stainless steel tool rests are on the right and the left of the base.
The sturdy construction allows the user to rest his arm while working.

The workplace has been designed for working in a sitting position. The construction of the base consists of aluminium profile system (anodized) and is fitted with four lockable castors.
The workspace has its own rest of tools and materials. The housing with the control unit for the speed control of the low-pressure generator and additional sockets is mounted on the side of the construction.

Control unit with revolution adjustment and additional sockets. Plastic housing with lid, spray water resistant.

Speed control
A potentiometer allows an infinitely variable regulation of the speed of the motor. Thus the exact, desired pressure can be applied.

The mains plug of the low-pressure generator can be plugged directly into the back of the control unit. The socket has its own illuminated switch.

Mains supply: 240V / 50Hz / max. 15A
In addition, there are two sockets (240V) for other uses.
Mains cable with plug (5m)

The BELO book suction device is constructed of stainless steel (no. 1.4501)
Perforated plate with perforations of 1.5mm in diameter.



illuminated working surface 360 x 270 mm
base 1400 x 900 mm
weight approx. 50 kg

• the suction hose of PVC 4m complete with connections for low-pressure generator

Possible accessories:
• low-pressure generator

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