Low pressure table 110/91

The BELO low-pressure table with integrated basin has been designed for the conservation of paper.

All normal treatments such as cleaning, flattening, leaf casting and refining can be done on this table. The perforated plate extends to the outer margin of the table so that it is possible to treat oversized objects in sections. The stainless steel surface can be modified with a special PE sinter plate if necessary (accessory which can be obtained at any time), which provides very good results at pulping of paper (even structure).



Outer dimensions 1100 x 910 mm
Inner dimensions 1100 x 910 mm



Possible accessories:
– acrylic dome, optionally with arm holes
– ultrasonic humidifier, optionally with electronic control
– air filter
– Electromechanical height adjustment
– PE sinter plate
– low-pressure generator with active charcoal filter

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